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Sitepro feature rich web hosting explained

Setup Fee
One-time fee. Fee waived if you sign up for a year.
Monthly Fee. Pay month to month. Waive setup fee if you prepay for 1 year.
Plan Highlights
Disk Storage
The amount of data storage allocated to your account. This space is used to store your html files, graphics, audio/video files, emails and any other files that make up your website. If you require additional space for your files, you can upgrade your account to a service plan with more disk storage space.
Monthly Data Transfer (GB)
Each time you load an HTML file, graphic file or other content on your website, you generate data transfer. Except for FTP uploads, any outbound traffic from your website is considered data transfer.
Email Boxes
Each hosting plan includes a specified number of electronic mail (email) accounts
FREE Domain Name Registration
This gives us the ability to register your new domain name once we receive your order.
$495 FREE Software
Increase revenue by improving your website, boosting traffic, optimizing functionality, creating effective sales tools, and communicating with your customers online with Parsley Software.
Marketing Tools
Google Rankings
With the Google Rankings tools you can check the most important Google measurements for your website: Saturation, Back Links and Google PageRank. You can also compare your website's score with the competition and track changes by generating history reports
Keyword Density Analyzer
With the Keyword Density Analyzer tool, you can check the density of Keywords, 2 Word Phrases and 3 Word Phrases within the text content of your html webpages. You can also change the Search Filter by specifying which words should be omitted by the report, and browse your website's html pages starting from the homepage.
Keyword Rankings
The Keyword Rankings tool gives you up-to-date information on the position of your web site in the Google/Yahoo/MSN Search Engines for a particular keyword or phrase. In other words, you can see the current, real time, ranking of your site in the Search Engine's results page when a specific keyword is searched. You can also track changes by generating history report graphs.
Custom Web Counter
A free, highly customizable web counter
Search Engine Submission
We automatically list your site with the top 2500 search engines by your sites keywords, title and meta tags.
Webalizer Graphical Statistics
A powerful tool for tracking visitors to your site. Webalizer provides statistics on how long visitors stay at your site, what pages they visit and the order in which they pages are viewed. It also provides the most popular entry/exit pages, what browsers visitors use and which countries your site is most popular in. With referrer logs activated, it will graphically capture how the user found your website. Webalizer can be configured to run nightly or weekly.
Downloadable Raw Access Logs
These are the text logs showing every hit to your site and what the user downloaded, accessed or viewed. For statistical analysis you can download these raw files and view them with site analysis programs, such as MediaHouse and LiveStats.Valuable for marketing purposes, this information will reveal the marketing campaigns that are working well and those that are not
Referrer Logs
This is an extended logging feature that documents where each visitor to your site came from. You will know if they found you through a search engine or a web site link. It will show you the search engines your visitors queried and the keywords or sentences they entered to find your website.Valuable for marketing purposes, this information will reveal the marketing campaigns that are working well and those that are not
Search Engine Optimization
The Search Engine Optimization tool analyzes pages on your site according to specific details that search engines use when indexing your site. Results will help you create more effective titles, meta tags, keywords and description.
Check Search Engine Ranking
With this tool you can check where your site is positioned on certain search engines based on the specific keyword typed into the search box.
Deep Metrix Livestats 6.0
Based on your web server log files, LiveStats offers detailed server-side reporting and analysis to multiple users through its advanced web browser interface
eTraffic (Setup from $24.99 to $99.00 depending on plan; Monthly costs of $24.99 to $849.00 depending on monthly clicks ordered)
Would you like guaranteed, qualified visitors for your site for a fixed monthly price? Sitepro will manage a Pay-Per-Click program for your website, getting your site visitors from search sites such as Google, Yahoo, and MSN. Best of all, we guarantee the number of site visitors. Prices start at $24.99/month.
Google Sitemap
The Google Sitemap tool helps you easily build and submit your sitemap to the Google search engine.
eCommerce Booster
This tool provides Miva5 storefronts with better website indexing capabilities for improving natural search rankings with online search engines, such as Google, Yahoo, and MSN.
Amazon Junction
Amazon Junction lets you integrate real-time listing of products and search results directly from the® website
Wireless Email Service
Manage your email from any wireless, browser-based device, e.g., cell phone, pda, blackberry, etc.
POP3 (Post Office Protocol 3) is the most recent version of a standard protocol for receiving email. POP3 is a client/server protocol in which email is received and held for you on a server in our secure data center. This standard protocol is built into most popular email products, such as Eudora and Outlook Express.
POP3S is a secure version of the above protocol. When email data is transferred from our server to your computer, the data crosses the public internet and may be accessed by outsiders. With POP3S the data is encrypted, so even if someone intercepts your email, the content of the message will not be readable.
Your email is stored in a server in our secure data center. When you send and receive email, the data is sent over the public internet and is thus vulnerable to security breaches. With IMAPS the data is encrypted even if someone intercepts your email they will not be able to read it.
All of your email accounts are also accessible via the web. Just visit your Control Panel to access these accounts anytime from anywhere.
Forwarders (Aliases)
Email aliases or forwarders will forward your email to an alternative email address, including addresses you have at Yahoo mail or AOL.
For example, you may want to forward all email addressed to to an AOL account such as or another POP3 account on your domain ( The person who sent the original email will never know the mail has been redirected.
An autoresponder is an automatic message that is sent as a reply to each incoming message. For example, if you are on vacation and will not be reading your email, you could set an Autoresponder to alert customers that you will respond upon your return.
Mailing Lists (add more for $2.99/month)
These lists contain your customers' email addresses. You can send an email promotion to multiple addresses or customize your message for distribution to specific groups on your list A flexible, powerful tool, mailing lists allow you to create multiple lists based on your customers` interests. Customers can also add themselves to a mailing list simply by sending an email to a specified address from your site.This is an easy cost-effective way to communicate with your customers. Use the lists to send monthly newsletters, sales updates or just a friendly "hello." Each list can hold 1,000 names. Each email you send can be up to 75kb.
Mailing Groups (add more for just $2.99/month)
Same as Mailing Lists (above) with the exception that users cannot self subscribe and self unsubscribe from the list.
SMTP Service
Allows emails to be sent through an SMTP server (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol). Most email systems that send mail over the Internet use SMTP to send messages from one server to another; the messages can then be retrieved with an email client using either POP or IMAP.
Spam Filter
Filter unwanted mails from your email account.
Vacation Message
Set a personalized message that will be automatically sent to people that email you while you are away.
Email Manager via Control Panel
Use the online Control Panel to manage all your email settings
Spam Protection
Sitepro`s spam protection has two levels of filtering: at the router level to remove all unwarranted spam messages, and a second filter at the user level to give you control of your messages. Sitepro`s web-based Control Panel lets you easily set your levels of spam protection.
Included Email Storage Space
The amount of email storage allocated to your account. If you require more space for your emails, it can be purchased for $1/mo for 20MB or $19/mo for 500MB


Control Panel: Manage and Add Services from One Interface
Our new and improved Control Panel features an easy-to-use interface and smooth navigation. Gives you full control of your website, email accounts, FTP account and other online features you purchased from Sitepro From the Control Panel, you can edit your email options; set up and manage your mailing lists and auto-responders; set passwords to protect your directories; manage usernames and passwords; download access logs; and create, edit and upload files to your web space.
Multi-user hosting services provide web hosting on secure shared servers.For those that require more call us at 1-858-605-0942
Custom MIME types
Allows users to set up their own MIME types. MIME types set the default software product used to open certain files. For example, a website owner could set MIME types in such a way that all ".doc" files are associate with Microsoft Word. When a website visitor tries to access such a file her/his computer will automatically open MS word

Your Own IdentityYour Own Domain Name: (add more for just $1.99/month)
Your domain name is the name you`ll promote, share with friends, and point potential customers to. It will become your website address, so be creative! As an added benefit, we allow customers to host multiple domains in one hosting account. For example, could point to a page where you sell showers, while could point to a page where you sell bathtubs. If you sell all types of bath accessories on one website, you could point both domain names to that site

FTP Accounts (add more for just 1.99/month)
File Transfer Protocol (FTP) is the method used to "upload" your website files to storage space on our network. You have unlimited access to your domain via FTP 24 hours a day to setup or make changes to your website. Sitepro`s network is compatible with any FTP client you select
Matching Subdomains:
Subdomains are individual web addresses built upon a pre-existing domain name. For example, in the domain name, "clientname" is a subdomain of the second-level domain "" You have unlimited FREE subdomains with any domain name that you host with us. Simply create a subdirectory with the name of the desired subdomain.
Matching Emails:
With this service, your emails will end with your own domain name after the @ symbol
Matching Design of Your Logo, Stationery and Website (Setup fee $399)
For powerful, complete Internet presence, you can order a matching design for your logo, stationery and website
Password-Protected Directories
Sitepro allows you to separately protect each directory in your hosting account. You can put all your important files in a heavily secured directory and put files that need to be visible to the public in low-security directory.
SSH (Secure Shell Access)
Get remote terminal access to your shared hosting account. In other words, you can remotely connect to the server and execute commands, run scripts, etc. It is almost same as being in front of the server when you are actually miles away. SSH is secure - all data passed during the connection is encrypted
Security Monitoring
Proper security is one of the most critical components to consider when looking for a company to host your website. At Sitepro we pride ourselves in our strict security policy. Our servers are behind multiple firewalls and are virtually inaccessible to hackers
Daily Backups
We do daily backups of your site's data and your email spool file. Your data is protected from hardware failures or any other technical malfunctions
Redundant Power Supply, Fiber Optic, RAID Arrays
Our servers are connected to a 3000W Compaq UPS device. In addition, our server power is backed by a 245,000W Diesel-powered generator, ensuring that your web server remains online even during long power outages.
Password-Protected Account and Access
Your account is password protected
Ability to add secure server certificate (SSL)
With the SSL, all sensitive information, such as credit card numbers, is encrypted. Abusers will not be able to steal valuable information from your customers. Furthermore, the SSL icon will be displayed in the customer's browser, giving your customers the confidence they need to conduct business and share information on your site.
"Parent-Child" Hierarchically Structured Multi-User Access Rights
All child directories have the same security restrictions of their parent directories, plus they can have additional restrictions if needed. This is valuable for limiting the access of different FTP users to only be able to change specific directories.
Virus Protection
Sitepro protects its customers with superior virus and spam filter that detects and eliminates viruses before they ever enter our network
Secured Data Center
Our data center is protected by an advanced security system involving access cards, biometric scanners, motion detectors and 24-hour camera surveillance. Engineers in our Network Operations Center also closely monitor our data center, ensuring real-time information and another level of protection
Shared SSL
SSL (Secure Socket Layer) allows the server to establish a secure connection with the user's browser, ensuring that all the data (such as credit card information) transferred between server and user is encrypted. The higher-end Sitepro plans offer a shared SSL certificate. You may purchase your own private SSL certificate as well.
Allows users to transfer files from their website to another location over the secure FTPS protocol. Files are encrypted during the transfer, which means that if they are stolen, their content will be impossible to read
Firewall Protection
Our servers are hosted behind the industry leading firewall provider. Your data will be secure and well protected from hackers.
Secure Server Certificate
Sitepro SSL gives your customers verified security and encryption
Customer Support
24x7x365 Live Phone Support
Our highly skilled technical support engineers are at your service 24 hours a day, seven days a week. No busy signals, just quality service.
Online Knowledge Base
Sitepro`s online Knowledge Base contains answers to over 1,000 questions asked by customers. Here you will find answers to questions about web hosting, web design, domain names and more
Email Support
Sitepro`s staff of qualified support engineers is available via email as well as telephone

Personal Folders for Private Questions and Answers
To protect your privacy, your questions and answers will be stored in access-protected folders.

Real Audio/ Video/ G2 servers
We provide full support for RealMedia technology from RealNetworks, which streams audio and video from your website. Streaming allows your users to see and hear multimedia files hosted on your site without having to download any additional software products
Tomcat (Java Servlet & JSP engine )
Tomcat is the servlet container that is used in the official Reference Implementation for the Java Servlet and JavaServer Pages technologies
PHP4 & 5, Perl, CGI, Ruby, C/C++, Python, TCL
Various types of scripting languages/shells that are installed on all Sitepro machines
ASP.NET lets you leverage your current programming language skills. Unlike classic ASP, which supports only interpreted VBScript and JScript, ASP.NET now supports more than 25 .NET languages (including built-in support for VB.NET, C#, and JScript.NET -- no tool required), giving you unprecedented flexibility in your choice of language.
Variety of options is available to the ADO.NET developer for data access and presentation.
ASP 3.0
Active Server Pages 3.0 is a scripting tool which offers an easy and user-friendly method for programming dynamic websites. ASP 3.0 has the flexibility to handle complex professional commercial sites, fully utilizing components, objects and databases
Activestate Perl
ActivePerl is ActiveState`s quality-assured distribution of Perl
XML parser
Module for parsing XML documents.
IIS ASP components
Microsoft Internet Information Server includes various ASP components that are pre-installed on every web server.
Support for Microsoft Front Page Extensions
Microsoft Front Page allows you to easily create and manage your web pages. The hosting server you select must have these extensions in order to properly host websites designed with Microsoft FrontPage software - and Sitepro`s Windows-based servers have them!
A server-side, cross-platform, HTML embedded scripting language
Ajax is an acronym for Asynchronous JavaScript and XML. Ajax is a technique whereby a website can update part of a page without refreshing the whole content.
Website Design
WordPress Blog
WordPress is an easy-to-use weblog system, providing numerous features like categories, ratings, as well as plugins installation
Forum (Simple Machines)
Simple Machines Forum ( SMF) is a professional grade software package that allows you to set up your own online community within minutes.
Coppermine Photo Gallery
Coppermine is a multi-purpose fully-featured and integrated web picture gallery
Joomla! is one of the most powerful Open Source Content Management Systems on the planet
Support for Microsoft Front Page Extensions
Microsoft Front Page allows you to easily create and manage your web pages. The hosting server you select must have these extensions in order to properly host websites designed with Microsoft FrontPage software - and Sitepro`s Windows-based servers have them
Do you have Adobe PDF documents that you would like on your web site? PDF2WEb easily convert PDF documents into HTML code, which make the pages faster to load and searchable.
Custom Error Pages
Ever click on a link only to get a "File not found 404 error" message? Prevent this from happening to your visitors, by replacing this message with a custom designed page. With Sitepro hosting, you can display a custom message in the rare instances that a 404 "file not found" error occurs. In other words, if the user hits a broken link, he/she will see a page with a message similar to: "This page has been moved. Please use the buttons above to get where you want to go. Sorry for the inconvenience."
Website Creator
Sitepro`s online do-it-yourself website design tool is powered by CM4all, the best name in the industry. With the CM4all WebsiteCreator, you don`t have to possess knowledge of HTML to design your ideal website. It contains several templates and styles to choose from, so you can create a professional website in just minutes.
Website Search Engine
With the Website Search Engine the visitors of your website can search information in your pages.
Image Manipulation Tool
The Image Manipulation Tool allows you to easily edit your images online. You can resize, crop, flip, change colors, improve brightness, enhance saturation and more - without any technical knowledge in design or software
Thumbnail Generator
Thumbnails, reduced-size replicas of original images, allow visitors to simultaneously view multiple images on a screen. The Thumbnail Generator helps you easily create thumbnails of your pictures and images
Counter - Various Styles
Easily count the number of visitors to your website! There are several types of counters to choose from, including a hit tracker, a clock and a calendar. Each type can be customized
HTML Validation and Cleanup Tool
The HTML validation tool ensures your code is properly formatted. The results display your link status, report errors on your web page and provide you with a cleaned-up version of your HTML code
Load Time Optimization
The load time optimization tool enhances images to decrease the total file size of the image, which results in a faster load time
Affordable, Professional Semi-custom or Fully Custom Web Design (Starts at $375 for complete turn-key design of a small website. Custom work starts at $75 per hour)Sitepro`s team of certified designers can create custom web designs for customers that simply don`t have the time to design their own site. In no time at all, even the most demanding businesses will have a professional attention-getting website
Microsoft Indexing for Searches within Your Website
Active Microsoft Indexing service is available for searches within your website
Media Wiki
The Media Wiki allows users to build a collaborative website as with Wikipedia. Perhaps the most popular characteristic of wiki technology is the ease with which pages can be created and edited. Content contributions can be made by the general public, and not only the registered party. This product is currently only available on the Unix plans
Sitemap Builder
The Sitemap Builder tool helps you easily build and publish your own sitemap for better navigation.
Weather Toolbar
You can use this tool to integrate a Weather Report into your website. The report includes the current temperature, wind status, and humidity
RSS Feed Reader
The RSS Feed Reader provides a convenient way to syndicate information from a variety of sources, including world news stories, important blogs, or bulletins.
MIVA Merchant Online Store Front
Miva is the leader in e-commerce software products. Miva Merchant is a feature-rich online store front where you can simply add the products you want to sell online, then watch the customers come to you!
osCommerce Online Store Front
osCommerce is the leading Open Source e-commerce solution. It provides all of the tools you need to get your online store up and running. Please note: RPG is not currently available for use with osCommerce
Merchant Account
A dedicated bank account used to receive the proceeds of credit card transactions. The merchant bank is responsible for debiting the funds from the customer and depositing them into the merchant account
e-Store Connector for Amazon.comTM (Setup Fee $99 for all four connectors, Monthly Fee $99)
Sitepro`s e-Store connector for Amazon.comTM provides Miva Merchant Users the ability to instantly list Miva products on - the world`s largest online store.
e-Store Connector for eBay.comTM (Setup Fee $99 for all four connectors, Monthly Fee $99)
Sitepro`s e-Store connector for eBay.comTM provides Miva Merchant Users the ability to instantly list Miva products on - the world`s online marketplace
e-Store Connector for Shopping.comTM (Setup Fee $99 for all four connectors, Monthly Fee $99)
You can use Sitepro`s e-Store connector for Shopping.comTM to effectively manage your campaign on
e-Store Connector for Froogle.comTM (Setup Fee $99 for all four connectors, Monthly Fee $99)
Sitepro`s e-Store connector for Froogle.comTM integrates with MIVA Merchant to allow you to easily upload the products in your online store into
Money Makers
Affiliate Program
we offer ways to make easy cash! Join our affiliate program and start making money by showing our banners on your website or by our affiliate referral program.
Relationship Building Tools
Form Mail
The Form Mail feature provides instructions for creating an online form that site visitors will use to enter their information. It's an ideal solution to collecting valuable information right on your website! Results are sent to your email address
Guest Book
Guest Book is the place where your website visitors can post their opinions, recommendations or complaints. It will provide very useful feedback to help you tailor your marketing campaigns
Forum (phpBB - php Bulletin Board)
The Forum (phpBB - php Bulletin Board) is a highly powered, fully scalable, and highly customizable open-source bulletin board package. phpBB has a user-friendly interface, simple and straightforward administration panel, and a helpful FAQ.
Customer Survey ($99)
By adding a customer survey form to your website, you can collect opinions about your website, your business, or other topics.
"CRM Chat" Added to Your Website (Setup Fee $99, Monthly Fee $29/operator)
Close sales instantly and immediately give your customers the help they need with the CRM Chat real-time communication tool.
Publish, Updating and Managing FAQs (Setup Fee $99)
Add even more value to your site by creating Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) that visitors can access for immediate answers to common questions. This tool allows you to easily publish, update and manage your FAQs
"Knowledge Base" (KB up to 300 documents. Setup Fee $995. Monthly Fee $399)
By adding Knowledge Base to your site, you will give customers an online information resource. Knowledge Base is a forum for customers to enter their questions and get quick answers. It also gives you insight into your customer`s experience. We`ll add this to your site, plus the tools to manage it
CDO Mail
Provide real-time messaging capabilities through Internet mail and Collaboration Data Object (CDO) for NT Server. We`ll help you set it up!
Push-To-Talk (eStara Push-To-Talk Button 200: $10 per month for up to 200 minutes; eStara Push-To-Talk Button 500: $20 per month for up to 500 minutes; eStara Push-To-Talk Button Unlimited: $50 per month for unlimited minutes)
Push-To-Talk allows your customers to reach you by telephone with the click of a button. They never have to leave your site. Customers enter their phone number and our system does the rest. In just seconds, your customers will be connected to you via the phone or their PC. And best of all, there is no charge to your customers
Customer Feedback Tool
Allow customers to provide feedback on your products, website or services. A great way to collect valuable information and provide quality customer support
Website Maintenance
Usage Meter
Lets you view real-time statistics on how many MB of disk storage your website is utilizing. Also breaks down usage data according to file, directory or entire website
File Manager
The file manager allows you to create, delete, move and copy directories as well as upload files from your private disk space.
Archive Manager
Website file backup that zips your HTML files and stores them as a backup in case of damage, loss or overwriting errors.
Stress Test Tool
Monitor the performance of your website. This tool performs a stress test on a chosen URL by simulating concurrent user activity. Results are provided by several criteria so you can see how well your site is performing
Network Troubleshooter
The Network Troubleshooter checks the connection between your website and your local computer
Website Monitoring
Monitors your website activity to help you gauge the success of your marketing activities.
Tool for Domain Name(s) Management
Modify, transfer or register new domain names
Tool for Managing Parking Pages and Re-direction Manage your parking pages and page re-directions

MySQL Database
A database is a structured collection of data. It may be anything from a simple shopping list to a picture gallery or vast amounts of information in a corporate network. To add, access and process data stored in a computer database, you need a database management system such as MySQL.If you wish to have any newsgroups, message boards or forums on your website, you will need a database.

Web-based Administration Tool for MySQL Database
Lets you create and manage your MySQL databases online
MS SQL 2005 Database
Manage and operate with the MS SQL 2005 database
Microsoft Access
Collect and store data with Microsoft Access. Take advantage of the MS Access database support.
Data Source Name (DSN)
Data Source Name provides connectivity to a database through an open database connectivity driver (ODBC driver). The DSN contains database name, directory, database driver, User ID, password, and other information. Once you create a DSN for a particular database, you can use the DSN in an application to call information from the database
Private Database Folder
Your database files are more secure from outside attacks when they are in private database folders rather than located in the web root.
Personal Blog
Share and publish thoughts, ideas, information, and photos in this organized web publishing system.
Advanced Blog
This blog is an advanced blog publishing tool, allowing users to share thoughts, ideas, information, and photos in an organized, categorized system. The advanced blog also includes multi-level user access, posting categories, database integration, and other advanced posting features
Special Treats
Own CGI Bin (full access no script approval with Write Access)
Directory setup with special permissions to auto-execute user-defined scripts. CGI is used to accomplish tasks which are not supported by basic HTML, such as a hit counter or guest book. You may use this directory to execute any CGI-script you write or ones that are already pre-written for you. The directory is designed for scripts that end in *.pl as scripts that end in .cgi will execute from any directory within your web space
CGI Scripting
Computer-generated imagery (commonly abbreviated as CGI) is used for visual effects because effects are more controllable than other more physically based processes, such as constructing miniatures for effects shots or hiring extras for crowd scenes, and because it allows the creation of images that would not be feasible using any other technology. It can also allow a single artist to produce content without the use of actors, expensive set pieces, or props
Pre-installed CGI Scripts
We offer several pre-written scripts available free for your use. These include hit counters, guest book and FormMail
Server-side Includes (SSI)
Lets you embed CGI scripts into your web pages. The scripts will execute automatically when the web page is opened
Private Database Folder
Your database files are more secure from outside attacks when they are in private database folders rather than located in the web root
Own CGI Bin (full access no script approval with Write Access)
Directory setup with special permissions to auto-execute user-defined scripts. CGI is used to accomplish tasks which are not supported by basic HTML, such as a hit counter or guest book. You may use this directory to execute any CGI-script you write or ones that are already pre-written for you. The directory is designed for scripts that end in *.pl as scripts that end in .cgi will execute from any directory within your web space.
99.9% Uptime per Year
We guarantee that your website will be accessible via IP address to the world 99.9% of the time. The IP address is the numerical value equivalent to If your website is not online 99.9% of the time, we will refund the percentage of your monthly hosting fees equal to the downtime.
30-day Money Back Guarantee
If for any reason you are not completely satisfied with our services, simply cancel within 30 days of sign up, and we will refund all the fees you have paid except for domain name registration/transfer
Online Web Control Panel
Web-based Disk Usage Meter
Lets you view real-time web-based statistics on your usage of disk storage (MB). Also breaks down usage data according to file, directory or entire website.
Web-based Email Account Access
Access your email accounts through a web-based interface, using only your web browser
Web-based Email Accounts Management
Manage your email accounts through a web-based interface, using only your web browser
Web-based Domain Parking Management
Manage your domain parking pages through a web-based interface, using only your web browser
Web-based Redirection Management
Manage your redirections through a web-based interface, using only your web browser.
Web-based Network Troubleshooter
The web-based network troubleshooter checks the connection between your website and your local computer
NOTE: Due to the changing nature of technology, sitepro reserves the right change and or modify features to keep up with the changing world of technology.
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